SMS Environments (Production, Dev, QA)

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Can someone please list each of the SMS Environments and which one is hooked up to which instance of DCS, if any?

For Production I know that => Production DCS

If I wanted to place an order in SMS, Send to ERP and have it actually show up in DCS, but not do this in production, which would be the best place to do that that would most closely mimic the behavior of what would happen in production?

Are there environments we should avoid experimenting in due to conflicting with SMS development and testing?

As a bonus, what are the connection strings to the various SMS database servers?
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This post has been modified to reference a link inside the firewall with the relevant content:
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There are 5 QA and 3 Development.  QA1 is linked to DCS-QA and XA-QA.
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