The Daily Allowance instructions state, "Daily allowance is the total amount of time that is allocated to the selected application on a daily basis regardless when the app is run during the day."

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If I set the daily allowance for 45, does this mean X minutes for each app? (This is what the wording makes it sound like): 45 minutes for Angry Birds plus 45 minutes for Goat Simulator, etc? Or 45 minutes total? I have set the daily allowance to 45 minutes, but today my son was able to use apps on the limited list for over an hour.


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There is an option called "Apply to all apps" in Daily allowance. If it is not enabled, each app will get the same amount of allowance time. In your case, each app can run 45 mins. If the option is enabled, all the apps that you selected share the 45 min allowance. Hope it is clear.

This could definitely be made more clear within the app. "Apply to all apps" makes it sound like each app will get X minutes. 
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My mistake. Please ignore.
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