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I have had Funamo on my daughter's Motorola Moto E phone for several months with no problems. Just bed time restrictions, and restrictions on newly downloaded apps until I can review them. All of a sudden, it is blocking everything (I have to use my Funamo login and password to access anything). I have not changed any of the restriction settings. Could this be caused by an update? How do I fix this issue? Should I uninstall and re-install Funamo on the phone?

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First, please check if Funamo is indeed blocking "EVERY" app. If it is not, please double check application control settings. Some app control settings are time based, for example, time-limited apps and time allowance apps. The blocking is triggered for specific period of time or based on app usage. 

If Funamo indeed blocks every app, a couple of things to check first:

1. Check if you have Force GPS option turned on under Account settings. If you have it enabled, and you turn off GPS, Funamo will block every app to force the user to turn GPS back on.

2. Check if App usage access is disabled for Funamo. App usage access is a standard Android feature and Funamo uses it to determine which app to block. You can find the option in the Settings app under Security section. (See this answer for an example: If it is turned off, Funamo will block all apps to force user to turn it back on.

If neither is the case, it is most likely caused by a system upgrade to a new Android version that caused some incompatibility issues. Please open Funamo app, login and stop Funamo protection. Then click Uninstall Funamo (at the bottom of the page) to uninstall it. Then install it from Google Play and set it up using the same Funamo account. Funamo will automatically retrieves your license from our server during setup.

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It was the GPS, she must have turned it off. Thank you so much for your help!

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