Funamo should partner with K9 Web Protection

11 months ago by
K9 is by far the best combination of features and value in a control app. However, it can still be better.
My wish list for improvements:
* block by wildcards in the URL (e.g. any domain with "game" anywhere in the URL)
* enable self-moderation, so that the user can block websites (look at K9 Web Protection for an excellent example of this on a PC:
* block websites by categories. This is a huge task, to compile and keep up to date category lists. Funamo should partner with a company which already does this--like K9 Web Protection).
* In fact, K9 Web Protection used to have an Android app, but it was totally useless and hasn't been updated in four years. The two companies would be absolutely perfect partners!!! Funamo has the almost-perfect Android app, and K9 has the comprehensive resources to fill in the gaps. A win-win situation.
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