Funamo for pc?

16 months ago by

 Will Funamo ever be available for PC? I've tried several PC options for monitoring and keeping our PC accountable, but nothing is as reliable and awesome as Funamo. 

K9 web protection is free.  I used to find it pretty good.

written 16 months ago by D 

Glad to hear that you like Funamo. At this point, we do not have plan to offer Funamo for PCs in the near future. Parental control on PC is quite mature with some well-established players. As D mentioned, K9 is one of the options.

written 16 months ago by Funamo Support 

What I love about Funamo is the ability to see exactly what sites were visited and what apps were used, and exactly when. I haven't come across another product that has reporting like Funamo. With K9 and others I've tried, I have to weed through literally thousands of all the other things that aren't actually sites they typed or clicked on. Way too much to sort through to be effective in my opinion. Am I missing something with K9 and others?

written 16 months ago by EML 

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