Time Limited app on Galaxy tab s3 does not work.

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Funamo browser does not get blocked at all. Playstore starts the block but do not open when it's over. This happens  when I use "block other browsers". If I add Chrome and Samsung browsers to time limited apps and do not use block other browsers Chrome and Samsung browser gets blocked but do not open when block is over.

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It looks like you did not quite understand what time-limited app does. First of all, it has nothing to do with Block other browsers. They are two separate features. Funamo browser is not supposed to be blocked when you enable Block other browsers which means block browsers other than Funamo browser. So Funamo browser is not blocked.

If you want play store to be time limited, please add it to the time limited app list. 

If the time limited app does not open once the time limit ends, please check the time slot that you set. Please note that the time slots you set are allowed time slots.

I reinstalled Funamo and now it works. There is 1-3 minute delays on starting and stopping the block. In normal use this is not a problem, but I tested with five minute time slots to see if it works and it looked that it does not work. Thanks for the answer. Great app!

written 15 months ago by Lari Vähänen  

If you still having issues, please contact support@funamo.com directly with your account information and we can help you check you settings. In your email, please be clear what application control you are trying to achieve, the settings you have now, and what exactly is not working.

written 15 months ago by Funamo Support  
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