How do I do a manual test using a 3DS card?

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{Postman} - Add To Basket

{Postman} - Add Traveller To Product

{Postman} - Confirm Card - use a 3DS card

{Console} - cd (git)/ClickPlatform/projects/card-handling/test-harness

{Console} - node test-server.js

{Finder} - Click (git)/ClickPlatform/projects/card-handling/test-harness/submitionForm.html

{Browser} - Use MD and PaReq from Confirm Card response

{Browser} - Enter 'password' to succeed or any other value to fail

{Browser} - Submit

{Postman} - Complete Charge; use MD and PaRes from console plus chargeId from Confirm Card response

The card details should be from
 - remember to choose a card with 'Y' in the 3dS column!

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