Reinstalled Funamo on tablet, login keeps failing.

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The email and password are correct, I can login online to check the device.

The login works on another device I have the  app on.

But I can't login on my son's  tablet.

I reinstalled because sync was not working, manual sync didn't work and I couldn't change some of the settings . Now I can't login at all.

Please help

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Please double check the spelling of the email and password. All devices and web use the same database for user authentication. So if it works on other devices, it should work on this one too.

I have checked several times, they are correct.

I then changed the passwordand tried again , no luck.

This is an issue only on one tablet. 

The wifi is working for other apps, but not for Funamo. Before  I deleted and restored the app it only allowed login using Local Credentials . 

written 21 months ago by Naila Saba AbouKhater 

I also had problems with my sons mobile not synching. it's to do with wifi. When I use mobile data it synchs, password is updated, etc. but it  is not working on wifi only. the wifi is working ok, I am able  to download Funamo from the playstore on wifi, but not:

  1. Login
  2. Make changes
  3. Synch either from device or from internet 

The problem is just with Funamo on both devices. Please can you help, 4 days since my last comment and you have not responded. Thanks 


written 21 months ago by Naila Saba AbouKhater 

Also, any changes I try to make now on wifi give me the error message:

Operation failed. ERROR: Network failure. Please try it again later

written 21 months ago by Naila Saba AbouKhater 

It looks like all the issues you mentioned are related to Wifi (I am assuming the tablet is on Wifi also). I would suggest that you try a different WiFi network, for example the open wifi at Starbucks, McDonalds etc to see if it makes any difference.

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support 

Thanks for getting back to me . 

I am sure it's the wifi. What should I do next? What should I check is being blocked in the wifi configuration? 

written 21 months ago by Naila Saba AbouKhater 

Please send us an email to and we will follow it up with you directly.

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support 
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