Change of Time and Request for Blue-Sky Session Topics

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For the `blue-sky session' on Sunday's schedule: this was Nancy's great idea to have people say what's on their mind, offer questions, comments, etc. Xihong had another great idea tonight: it would be good for people to submit questions or topics for discussion. So please post here some topics or questions to help faciltate discussion during the blue-sky session!

On the schedule there is a 40 minute break between the end of the final talks and the start of the blue-sky session. It was suggested that it is better to start earlier as many people have flights to catch. Thus we will have a 15-20min break at 2:50pm and then start the blue-sky session earlier.

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I am more on the applied side of this topic. I am interested in how the introduced methods work in the ultra-high dimensional data setting, e.g., are the inferences still valid after screening first?

Second, how to handle correlated variables in the same group, e.g., the selection and inference on DNA methylation markers in the same gene?

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