How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

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If you've been reading a lot about online casinos before trying them out, you probably have heard about bonuses. If you've visited the homepage of an online casino, you probably even saw these unbelievable offers that seemed completely fake. After all, no live casino ever offers thousands of euros for free. So you're, probably wondering how online casinos afford to give out free money to everyone. And even if they are, why doesn't everyone just sign up with a casino instead of taking loans from banks.

Well the short answer is that there's a catch to it. This doesn't mean that online casinos are rigged to make you lose the bonus money or anything. It instead means that the money they give out isn't exactly free money. It's just what they call it - a bonus. It's an add-on to what you deposit to the website. Though there are many different kinds of bonuses and they all work in different ways. Let's take a look at them shall we?

Play only bonuses
These are the most common types of bonuses and are only available for playing the games. You can get them after depositing money in the casino for the first time and it's usually placed in a secondary account or as bonus balance.

Whenever you wager, the money gets withdrawn from your bonus account and if you win, it returns back. In this case, you can withdraw the winnings from the game.

Some casinos will let you withdraw your bonuses after a certain number of wagers, say twenty to fifty slot games, etc. This is a great way of winning big if you can keep up a win streak.

Some casinos offer incredible bonuses on the first deposit such as the famous 100% bonus which gives you a bonus equal to your deposit amount. You can learn how to get bonuses in new casinos and get a lot of money.

Free to play bonuses
Free to play bonuses are the kinds you get on signing up with the casino. These aren't usually very big in value (most range from £25 to £50) and casinos can afford to give them away for free. You can play with them at first but to withdraw them, you need to play a certain number of games. These are more like a welcoming present by the casino and not a very good way of winning big. Unless of course you end up winning the jackpot by using this bonus.
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