How can I access and modify diffusion data (such as the decay constant) in Python?

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Say I want to add a steppable in Python to vary the values of the diffusion constant and decay constant from the diffusion data specified in XML for one of the chemical fields involved in the system. Basically, I want to have the values of these constants varied in certain conditions. So I know how to access the concentration field from the Python Scripting Manual, but not sure how to access and monitor the diffusion data in Python.

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This is called steering and you can do it from Python. Here is the tutorial/instruction you would follow to have it set up.

Please scroll down and take a look at the "Simplifying steering - XML access path" section. It has instructions for how to implement steering using simpler API

If you have any questions or problems please let us know . If something is unclear in the manual let us know and we will fix the text
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