(Deleted) Dirichlet conditions at corners of one simplex

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As a preconditioner, I'm creating a matrix, say $-Delta_h$ with Neumann boundary conditions,
from dolfin import *

mesh = UnitSquareMesh(10, 10)

V = FunctionSpace(mesh, 'CG', 2)

u = TrialFunction(V)
v = TestFunction(V)

A = assemble(dot(grad(u), grad(v))*dx)​

I now need to take any cell, let's say `cell[0]`, and replace the lines corresponding to the test functions at the corners of the cell by "Dirichlet" lines, i.e., zero all over and 1 at the node index `i`. (I wouldn't mind extending this to all test functions with nonvanishing support in that cell.)

Any hints?
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