Numerical Tours of Computational Mechanics with FEniCS

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Dear FEniCS users,

I wanted to advertise a collection of documented demos covering various topics in solid and structural mechanics that I am currently developing:

Topics currently published cover:
  • elasticity problems (2D, orthotropic)
  • modal dynamic analysis
  • periodic homogenization
  • 2D von Mises plasticity (similar to the Solid Mechanics implementation)
  • Reissner-Mindlin plates (using Quadrilaterals with Reduced Selective Integration, Discontinuous Galerkin implementation)
Future topics will notably include poroelasticity, viscoplasticity, buckling etc...

Feel free to contribute or suggest any interesting topic you might want to see documented.

Best regards
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Thanks!  This is very nice.  A suggestion: maybe you can add nonlinear *elasticity* as an example.  It helps to see a nonlinear problem in a relatively simple setting before getting into plasticity.
written 3 months ago by K D  
Thanks you are right. However, since there is already a nice documented hyperelasticity demo in the FEniCS distribution I did not concentrate on this first
written 3 months ago by bleyerj  
This is awesome! Thanks man!
written 3 months ago by Miguel  
Perfect ! Thanks a lot.
written 3 months ago by Christian  
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