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I'm currently evaluating Q&A systems for our company. Hosted systems are preferable, but we'd like to make sure we're able to retrieve our company's content in the event the system disappears. If we created a private community on, would it be possible for us to create regular backups containing all our data and download them to our archives?

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We currently offer an easy download of all posts in a given community and you can use it for backup purposes. The download file is in comma separated CSV format and it includes the following fields:

id, id, title , author, content, type, vote_count, view_count, creation_date, lastedit_date, has_accepted, parent_id

ONLY COMMUNITY ADMIN/MODERATOR CAN DOWNLOAD POSTS iN THE COMMUNITY. Other users will get 404 error when trying to do the same.

The download URL is by prepending download to the community URL. For example,

The AllAnswered community URL is

And the download URL is

We are working on a new data export feature which will allow you to customize the fields and schedule reoccurring downloads. It will be available in our next major release which is scheduled for Q2 this year. So stay tuned for more updates. 

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