What is the purpose of this Travel Team Engineers community?

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This community aims to gradually build a useful repository of commonly-asked (and uncommonly-asked) questions and the answers to them provided by members of the team. There is a wealth of published knowledge available but little in the way of an index, and by using this StackExchange clone we hope to provide answers more quickly and without the need to interrupt co-workers quite as much.

Even more knowledge exists only in the heads of the team members. The productivity of the entire team - particularly of new members -  will be enhanced by having as much as possible of this knowledge captured in the form of questions and answers, where in many cases both are provided by the same person.

I would like to encourage all of us to identify "knowledge packets" and capture them using this tool. Every time you find a solution to a problem, you fill a gap in your knowledge by asking another team member or you discover a nugget of information you think others might find useful, please consider recording it as a new question and its answer. Questions can be trivial, where the answer is often just a URL, or they can be detailed and invite an in-depth answer.

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