Hello, is there a way to prevent children from listening music in Google Play?

2.1 years ago by

I've implemented password protection of the APPs in my soon cellphone. If he trys to open Google Play Music, a Funamo screen requests the password to allow the use. But, if he uses the Google Play Music widget on the main screen, he is able to listen them. Is there any way to block it?

Moto G, 2nd generation

Android 6

Language: Portuguese Brazil

Community: Funamo

1 Answer

2.1 years ago by

Funamo blocks apps at the time the app is launched. A widget always stay on the home screen so Funamo cannot block it. What you can do is disable the app that owns the widget, in this case, the Google Play Music app. You can do it using Application manager in Settings app (not Funamo). Then put Settings in the protected app list so it is block and the user cannot re-enable the app.

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