Enable Recursive Debug or Enable Recursive Prompt which is it

8 months ago by
In following the tutorial I find a discrepancy.
I rely on precise wording between the tutorial and what is the actual wording on the application;
Case in point: "Enable Recursive Debug" is not the same as "Enable Recursive Prompt" as shown on the screenshot.
When the wording do not correlate, then that instills doubt on the tutorial process.
(Can't attach screenshot)
The application's wording uses Prompt, while the tutorial uses Debug.
Which is it?  Or is "Enable Recursive Debug" to be found somewhere within the menus/drop downs?
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1 Answer

8 months ago by
It's Enable Recursive Prompt now.  I think the screenshot is from an older version and the wording was changed for clarity.  Thanks for pointing out that the old name is still in the screenshot.
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