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Dear Admins,

I took a look at the CellDraw manual and pottered around the buttons in CellDraw itself, but I could not figure out how to draw 3D regions. Is this specified by the "cell size" column in the cell type table?

Also, I am trying to simulate simple cell movement on a solid substrate, is there an easy way to specify a smoothly increasing contact adhesion energy of the cells with the substrate, say increasing adhesion energy from left-most to right-most region of the substrate?

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For your second question; one approach would be to subdivide the substrate into pseudo-cells and then assign individual adhesion energies to each substrate cell based on their position. The AdhesionFlex plugin allows you to assign individual adhesivities to particular cells. Check in your CC3D demos folder for
as an example.

Since your substrate pseudo-cellos probably should not move you can set all cells of that type to "frozen".
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Is that the same thing as Piff Generator? I found a Piff drawing program for windows, but I can't recall the name. I'll check once I get access to my Windows laptop.
How do you install Celldraw? I have the CC3D_3.7.7 binary downloaded. I have the Celldraw 1.6 from GitHub.

scottholmes src $ ./CellDraw_standalone.command
====> CellDraw working directory: /Users/scottholmes/CC3D_3.7.7/CellDraw/1.6.0/src
====> PYTHONLIB26: /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6
====> DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH: /Users/scottholmes/CC3D_3.7.7/CellDraw/1.6.0/src/../Frameworks
====> PYTHONPATH directory: /Users/scottholmes/CC3D_3.7.7/CellDraw/1.6.0/src/../Resources/site-packages:
====> PATH: /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/bin:
====> PREFIX_CC3D: /Applications/CC3D_3.6.0_MacOSX106
./CellDraw_standalone.command: line 37: /usr/bin/pythonw2.6: No such file or directory
====> CellDraw 1.6.0 now starting from Python.
./CellDraw_standalone.command: line 41: /usr/bin/pythonw2.6: No such file or directory

written 9 months ago by Scott H 
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