Transient/non-sticky mode - what is Hidden/auto-close

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A very minor question.
I've just decided (after some years) to refresh my knowledge of Wing (Pro6) by going through the latest tutorial.

got to "Transient, Sticky, and Locked Files

Wing opens files in one of several modes in order to keep more relevant files open, while auto-closing others. To see this in action, right-click on os in import os at the top of and select Goto Definition. The file will be opened non-sticky, so that it is automatically closed when hidden."

my question - What defines 'hidden' (or auto-close in this context). Having opened a a module file R/O it stays as a tab in the editor until I close it in the same manner as other files(only with a horizontal pin!) . What am I missing ??

ps . It's a good idea to redo the tutorial - I'd forgotten a lot of detail.

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Indeed, this part of the tutorial needs to be clarified... what happens is that up to N non-sticky files are kept open in non-current tabs, where N is set with the Editor > Advanced > Maximum Non-Sticky Editors preference.  The default for that is 1 right now but we're going to test increasing it to 5 in Wing 7 so there's a small set of recent non-sticky files kept open instead.
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