in-app product... what is it?

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I'm very out of date when it comes to things that are cellular/mobile. There is a vague reference to an "in-app product". What does that mean? I haven't used the software yet, neither trial or pay versions. 
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I think you are referring to the app listings on Google Play. Any app that offers in-app purchase has "In-app product" label. Funamo comes with free two-day evaluation. After two days, the protection will be turned off. If you would like to continue to use Funamo, you can purchase a license through either in-app purchase or on Funamo website at
I though a 2 day trial was a bit mean.  2 weeks would give people time to actually see how it works.
written 12 months ago by D  
If you need more time to evaluate, you can simply uninstall and reinstall Funamo, which will give you fresh two day trial.
written 12 months ago by Funamo Support  
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