Why a pattern library?

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We’re all part of a large and growing design team (close to 70 at last count) and as you know, we’re all working across different experiences and platforms, in different locations and agile environments.

In our toolkit, we currently have the GUIs (6 to be precise). Based off an atomic design approach, the GUIs are the basic building blocks and are a coded, working manifestation of the design system (the design system is made up of 4 key systems: colour, type, icons and the grid). 

We’re working towards building out our Design System into something bigger, better and more useful for you – by extending it to provide design patterns.

What's in it for me?

When you use the new pattern library, you’ll have confidence that you’re not repeating design work unnecessarily, and you’re using quality, customer-tested design patterns the broader community have contributed to and evolved together.

Ideally it becomes an indispensable way for you to get things done, and get them done well, here at Westpac. In everything we design, we want it to contribute to a more cohesive, seamless customer experience.

How are we doing this?

We want to provide a platform where you can share, collaborate and contribute to the pattern library MVP.

To do this, we’re using a community led Q&A platform called All Answered – where people can ask and answer questions, as well as vote on what they think is the most relevant and/or useful answer.

Please note

  • Some of the patterns on All Answered still need to be taken through customer testing, so what you see now will not necessarily be in the next iteration of the pattern library.
  • All Answered is not the pattern library – it’s an interim platform we’re using to foster collaboration.
  • All Answered doesn’t have the slickest UX, but given it’s a free and private platform, it kind of does the job for now :-)
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