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I will use this note to record press coverage on our campaign.

Kicking off with:

Community: Beaufort Clients
Thanks to all for the effort that's so far been put into the campaign. I contacted the Sunday Times to ask if they could give some coverage of the situation and I got a reply from Ali Hussain, who said he was "looking into a story about Beaufort Securities and the wider implications for investors using small stockbrokers" to be published this coming Sunday. He was looking for a Beaufort investor to use as a case study. Unfortunately I'm going to be away this week so I was hoping to put him in touch with Nandish and/or Mark to find someone suitable - would that be OK? If so, what's the best way for him to contact you, please?
written 23 days ago by Jabe  
I am best contacted at We are looking for a suitable case study, who is also prepared to speak to the press, but haven't yet identified anyone. I will post a request in this community.
written 23 days ago by Mark Bentley  
Ali has now been in touch and I will get back to him.
written 22 days ago by Mark Bentley  
Managed to get some cases and information for Ali, believe there will be an article in this Sunday's edition.
written 19 days ago by Mark Bentley  
Looking forward to reading it - thanks. It will be behind a paywall but I'll try to put a screenshot or two online somewhere.
written 18 days ago by Jabe  
Think one can register to read a couple of articles per month. Will put it on here if I can get it.
written 18 days ago by Mark Bentley  
The article is here: I can read it, though I'm not a paying subscriber. Includes cases from amongst our campaign members. Thanks to Jeremy Parsons for stepping forwards
written 17 days ago by Mark Bentley  
Thanks to Mark and Jeremy for their contributions to this.
written 17 days ago by Jabe

[Subscriber only, unfortunately. See also my comments beneath the article]
written 5 weeks ago by Mark Bentley  
Here is a PDF of the article for non-subscribers:!Alp_KhteDnbJpBiULo-XxUvbmJHu Please do not share this link, or the FT might come after me for breach of copyright.
written 5 weeks ago by Mark Bentley  
My comment on the article:

I would just like to emphasise that ShareSoc doesn't just expect costs and fees to be lower than the original £100m suggested, but much lower. The BACSL creditors' committee will seek to achieve this and, if PwC don't co-operate, will seek to replace them as special administrator, which the committee has the power to do, subject to approval by the FCA and the court.
written 5 weeks ago by Mark Bentley  
Investors Chronicle editorial on Beaufort & our campaign: [subscriber only]
written 5 weeks ago by Mark Bentley  
...and here is the article for non-subscribers. Once again please do not share the link or article:!Alp_KhteDnbJpBl9G6NP-mux4tl4
written 5 weeks ago by Mark Bentley  
Here it is for non-subscribers, please do not share the link.!Alp_KhteDnbJpBvFol7jb4XQodXe
written 5 weeks ago by Mark Bentley  
Telegraph article:

Some intemperate language!

"“There’s a s--- fight happening at PwC next Wednesday morning,” one investor told The Telegraph, asking not to be named. “We’re going to tell them what we want, we’re not taking any cr--.”"

More significantly:

"Mr Downs said Wednesday’s meeting will focus on “what’s an appropriate estimate of costs” as well as the fairest way of sharing that fee. “This is a difficult matter,” he said."

If that's what Mr Downs thinks, I think he's in for a shock: it's not the estimate of costs that we want discussed, it's how to get those costs way down and putting a stop to the waste that seems to being going on currently.
written 4 weeks ago by Mark Bentley  
A further complication for the administration: ex-clients of Arjent:
written 4 weeks ago by Mark Bentley  

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