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I have created a poll to ascertain the extent of the reconciliations. This would also give us an idea of the work PwC claim to have done / need to do.

Once you have confirmed your holdings, I would appreciate it if you would choose ONLY ONE of the options below by clicking on the VOTE UP arrow for that option

PLEASE NOTE that the portal reflects clients holdings / money up-to the 1st March 2018 only. So if your holdings / client money are correct as of the 1st March 2018, please select the first option.

Any share dividends that are received after the 1st March 2018 are NOT included in the client portal cash money and are pooled in a separate client money account by PWC.

Please use the main forum to post any questions or comments regarding this poll so that voters can see all 3 options clearly.
Community: Beaufort Clients
This poll is an excellent way to tentatively explore the complexity of the task facing PcW. Given the potential bias created by disadvantaged clients tending to state their position the impression so far is that the reconciliation portion of the administration is proving relatively straightforward. This optimistic assessment can however be denied given the small size of the sample. Is there anyway of increasing support for the poll?
written 12 weeks ago by Dr Chris Owens  
If you haven't done so, would those who have confirmed their client holdings please indicate the results using this poll? Would appreciate it as it gives us a better idea of how much work PwC has on it's hands.
written 10 weeks ago by Nandish  
I have pressed on the up button to signify that my assets and money are OK but there is no change on the number in the poll. Should it change immediately? My husband also holds shares with Beaufort and they have been confirmed as correct.  That is another one to add to option 1.

Thanks for all your hard work in trying to resolve the problems facing Beaufort clients.

Alicia Stephenson

written 10 weeks ago by Alicia Stephenson  
Judging by the percentage of clients that agree their holdings it is crystal clear that PWC are taking the mick on costs and time. The CC need to put a stop to this without delay.
written 10 weeks ago by David Farrier  
At the next CC Meeting can PwC please provide a meaningful analysis of the number and complexity of outstanding issues. Sadly the in-house poll isn't strong enough to provide a definitive measure of the task in hand - e.g. where are the other 13965 clients?
written 9 weeks ago by Dr Chris Owens  
We will ask the CC to do so. Sadly, we don't have access to the other clients because word of the ShareSoc campaign hasn't spread out far or fast enough.
written 9 weeks ago by Nandish  

3 Poll options

Please cast your vote on the option by clicking the up arrow. To change your vote, click the up arrow again to cancel your previous vote and vote on another option.

Client assets / money are OK
where is the Up arrow i cant see one to vote assets are ok ?
written 9 weeks ago by ron marshall  
It's possible you voted for an option already. If you have already voted for one option, the other 2 options will not have UP / DOWN ARROWS.

To change your options, click on UP arrow for the option you selected previously. This will de-select that option, and allow you to vote again.
written 9 weeks ago by Nandish  
with thousands of beaufort clients ,seems no ones heard of Share Soc with only 30 odd people voting .am i missing something ?
written 9 weeks ago by ron marshall  
Small discrepancy in client assets / money
Large discrepancy in client assets / money

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