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SKU 231207000  Returns Vendor Number 1401638 Biomet Manufacturing as Vendor Number and Vendor Name.

The SKU “Belongs to ASL Number 002683 - Paragon Pierceton”.
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This was tested with the 'Biomet Only' option in the ZB Ribbon, also. I confirmed the vendor is 002683 in the amflib.itemasa table. Not sure where the ribbon pulls this field.
written 3 months ago by Michael Zorn  

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The vendor number and name were both taken at face value from the JDE Item Branch table.  We changed the logic to look at only vendor number 1401638 to instead pull from XA.  The new logic appears as follows:

case when im.vendor = 1401638 then asa.vndnr else im.vendor::varchar end as vendor,
case when im.vendor = 1401638 then vb.vname else im.vendor_name end as vendor_name,

The results now look as I believe you would expect:

  vendor, vendor_name
from mdm.global_item_master
where prod_id = '231207000'



This will feed the ZB ribbon, which pulls from the mdm table.
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