Possible to use PipEnv projects in Wing IDE

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im not sure how to do this, virtualenv works fine as i can direct the project to the right python binary, but started to get the feel for PipEnv especially for my Django projects, but any way im able to work with PipEnv and Wing IDE ?
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Make sure you have built an pipevn environment in the project directory and install all packages in Piplfile.
> pipenv install​

Get the python executable path
> pipenv --py​


Copy the path into Wing project setting.

Wing -> Project -> Project Properties... -> Environment -> Python Executable

Thus Wing should detect the pipenv environment correctly.
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Start wing from the command line where your virtual environment is activated.  This is an alias I use on MAC, pretty similar to what you would use on linux (but the path to the executable will be different)

alias wg='/Applications//WingIDE.app/Contents/Resources/wing'

wg *.wpr &
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