Use of Append Attribute filter in Paraview 5.4.1

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Hi there,
I get displacement and pressure as two separate .pvd files after solving a nonlinear elasticity problem.
Now i want to view both the files as discussed in this post (

I wanted to clarify , if the Append Attribute filter only works for .xdmf files ? or  can i use it for .pvd files as well ?
Is there any specific tutorial available which explains how to apply this filter in a step wise manner.
(i have already tried by opening both files in paraview and then apply 'Append Attribute filter' but it causes no change , i mean nothing happens ??)

Some guidance from community would really help.
Community: FEniCS Project
The Append Attributes filter works with .pvd files for me (using Paraview 5.2.0).  Do you have both of the files selected in the pipeline browser (using Ctrl+click) when you apply the Append Attributes filter?  By default, only the last file opened will be selected, so AppendAttributes1 will look the same as that file, and nothing will appear to have happened.
written 3 months ago by David Kamensky  
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