(Deleted) bypass funamo 3.2.13 easy (for children)

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FUNAMO : Please do not delete this post and try for your app !

Hi friends (All children,teens!) if you un-install an application and re-install that app, Time Limit or App lock will (easily!) delete . you are now like a bird , free ,enjoy it ! Hahaha.

Islamic republic of iran. (Say it to your friends)

Community: Funamo

2 Answers

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Parents can use application quarantine feature to prevent user from uninstalling app and reinstalling it. Good try but we are one step ahead of you.

23 months ago by

my idea to solve : save blocked apps informations on funamo so uninstalling app don't effect on saved informations and if child again download app and install the limit/lock will remain. [be aware that don't use version of app to remember it in funamo!]


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