Is it possible to solve linear system generated from cbc.block?

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Hello all,
I have assembled the matrix and applied boundary condition via cbc.block:
A = block_assemble([[a11, a12]
                    [a21, a22]], bcs=bcs)
b = block_assemble([L1, 0], bcs=bcs)

I want to solve:
A(x,y)^T = b
Now I want to solve the linear system without the solver provided by cbc.block.
For example, I want to solve it directly using mumps.
Is there any possible way to do it?
Thanks in advance.
Community: FEniCS Project
I found some materials from:
It seems that I have to first transferred my cbc.block.mat to PETSc.mat and then solve the system?
written 19 days ago by SICHENG SUN  
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