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Tricky Towers
Tricky Towers is a physics based tower building game puzzle video game that uses a form of block-stacking problem as the central game
mechanic.[2] It was released on digital distribution service Steam for Windows, OS X, and Linux, and for the Playstation Plus service in
August 2016, before being released on PlayStation 4 a month later. It was released on Xbox One on September 18 2017.[3][4] The game
runs on the Unity engine and was created by independent studio WeirdBeard. The game received favourable reviews.[5][6][7]

Tricky Towers uses physics based tower building game mechanics. Although there is some visual similarity to Tetris, the gameplay is
entirely different. It features falling blocks but the goal is to stack blocks onto a tower rather than clear rows.[8] Random blocks drop
from the top of the screen and rows do not disappear, but blocks may fall off the tower. During the game, events may cause changes to the
block physics, such as doubling in size, becoming slippery, or dropping at faster rates. The player takes control of one of the available
wizard avatars and must, depending on the game mode, compete against other wizards in building his wizard tower to be as tall and
stable as possible, and as quickly as possible. The games are short and fast paced and are easy to pick up and play. Pieces move in half-
square increments.[9]

Players can use magic spells to assist themselves or to hinder opponents. During a match, there are 17 spells which can become
available to the player. Spells are divided into Light and Dark magic categories - Light magic focuses on augmenting your tower while Dark
Magic revolves around interfering with your opponents, such as damaging or weakening their towers, or meddling with their engineering
efforts in other devious ways.

Here are the Tricky Towers system requirements (minimum)
CPU: 1.73 GHz Intel Pentium M or higher.
RAM: 1 GB.
OS: Windows XP.

The game has 3 distinct multiplayer game modes: Race, Survival and Puzzle. In the Race game mode, players must compete to be the first
to build a tower tall enough to pass the finish line. Efficiency and construction speed are key to this game mode and it makes for a fast
paced and frantic game experience. In Survival, the player must try and place a certain number of bricks on their tower without dropping
too many and losing their health. They must focus on careful construction and smart application of spells to triumph. The Puzzle game
mode is more slow paced compared to the other two. Players need to try and place as many bricks on their tower as possible below a
certain cut-off point. This requires a more creative style of play, as the player has to try and overcome the physics and come up with
various engineering solutions.

There are also a number of single-player challenges available, where the player has to try and achieve a certain set of conditions
depending on the challenge to succeed. There are also single-player versions of the Survival and Puzzle game modes where players
compete for a high score, and the Xbox version of the game has a single-player version of the Race game mode.

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