(Error 108) Headset not found

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I keep getting (Error 108) Headset not found. What does this mean and how do I solve it?
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There are a couple of ways this error can happen, either as an error message or a blinking red light on the side of the headset. This is usually the cause of either a HDMI or USB issue.

  1. First make sure the headset is plugged in correctly.
  2. The power, USB, and HDMI cables from the headset should be plugged into the correct slots on the Link Box; from there, the link box's USB and HDMI should be plugged into the PC, and the Power cord plugged into a power outlet.
  3. Once properly plugged in, the LED light on the side of the head set should be green
  4. If everything is plugged in and the headset is still not turning on, then move onto these steps
  5. Reboot the headset
  6. Restart SteamVR
  7. Power Cycle the Link Box
  8. Restart your computer
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