Collapsing blocks of code while leaving empty lines visible (at least one of them)

8 months ago by
When I collapse blocks of code empty lines between blocks are also become hidden which makes code badly readable. It would be better if at least one line (of more than one empty lines between blocks) stayed visible when blocks are collapsed. Is it possible to configure Wing IDE like that?

so this:

would collapse like this:

instead of this:

Because now Wing collapses every empty line no matter how many I insert. (((

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1 Answer

8 months ago by
Unchecking the Editor > Folding > Fold Trailing White Space preference will probably get you what you're looking for.  Before we had that option we had a lot of complaints in the other direction of not wanting the wasted space so the default is to also fold the white space.
Found it! Thank you.
By the way, folded block has a black underline. Can I change its color?
written 8 months ago by Mikhail Ninin Velikoselskiy  
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