The Gospel (aka. The Rules)

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The Gospel (aka. The Rules)
1. Read The Rules, all of them.
2. Be courteous and professional in communications with each other. That includes respecting this space, so, please, no malicious behavior.
3. Please star important messages to track them.
4. Please respect the boundaries of others and keep conversations between 2 people on direct message (remember the dreaded "reply all" email?
5. Use User Groups to ensure communication stays limited to those interested.
6. Please search channels for an answer before you ask a question.
7. Do not expect immediate replies outside of a recipient’s normal working hours.
8. Please redirect / “raccoon” discussions to appropriate channels if they’re not in an appropriate one.
9. If someone makes a request and you can answer the question please claim it and answer as soon as possible.
10. This is a social space – try to have fun!

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