Newly opened files are added in a new tab on the right. Can I switch it to the left...?

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The subject line pretty much says it all. If I open a new file it is always added to a new tab on the right. I normally like to work the other way around, with newer files on the left. Is there a way to switch the default...?

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Right now the only option is to instead keep the tabs alphabetized, which you can turn on by right-clicking on the tabs and selecting Keep Tabs Alphabetized.   Or as long as that is disabled (the default) then you can drag tabs around to rearrange their order.  But as of now there's no way to tell Wing to add new tabs on the left instead.
OK. Maybe it's a left-handed bias, I don't know, I am left-handed... Anyway, it would greatly reduce my having to drag tabs around if there was an option to add new tabs to the left. Please consider adding it to the wish list.
written 9 months ago by Rich Bobo  
In a way on the left makes more sense to me also...
written 9 months ago by Wingware Support  
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