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I chose "reset password" on the device, and reset it.  When I went back to use it on the device, it didn't work.  I tried the old password on the device - didn't work.  Tried both old and new online - didn't work. Synced to server from device, and synced to device from online - still no passwords work anywhere. Chose "reset password online" - received email with temp password and instructions to login online which state, login online, choose "Account Settings" and reset password.  Problem - either "Account Settings"  doesn't exist in the online format, or I am missing it altogether.  HELP ASAP!!!
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Similar problem.  I chose "forgot password" from my computer.  Got an email with a password generated from Funamo. Logged in via computer.  I see no place to change my password to something that is easier to remember.  There is no account settings, that I can see when I log in with my computer.
written 9 months ago by Sheree Dyke  
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