How to save a Solution Function in Fenics

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Hello everyone,

I solved the time dependent 1D linear heat equation with a moving point source over a round bar in FEnics. In the script, if I input the coordinates of a specific point within the domain as arguments to the solution function u, say u(x_coord,y_coord,z_coord), it will return the interpolated temperature value to me.

But if there a way to save the solution function u? later on, I need to rotate the point source track along the long axis of the round bar by a certain degree. So right now, my thought is I can rotate the round bar geometry instead of the point source track by that many degree, then I can get the coordinates of nodes after rotation. Input the coordinates_rotation into the original u field as arguments, I can get the temperature.

I tried with TimeSeries, but was only able to store the u.vector() at different time steps. I haven't found a way to link it to the coordinates of nodes

Any help would be appreciated!
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I figured it out. HDF5File would do the trick.
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