The Main Rules of Golf

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Golf is a great game and enjoyed around the world. From its mythical beginnings in Scotland, it has become the favourite sport of many fans across the globe. As a result, there’s more interest in it now than ever before. However, new players to the sport may struggle with the rules. That’s why we’re giving you a complete rundown of all the relative regulations, including:

How it’s played

How many holes are involved

How penalties are incurred

Golf Offers Amazing Diversions

Golf is pretty straightforward in a lot of ways. Players have to make their way around eighteen different holes, hitting a small ball to put it into each different hole in as few hits as possible. It’s possible for players to make use of a tee, a small plastic stand for the ball, in order to raise it from the ground and make it easier to hit. Players who tie at the end of a game are able to divide the final hole between them. There are a number of different rules and regulations which apply to the competition, covering factors such as club size and ball specifications. There are also plenty of golf odds on offer for wagering fans.

Golf Stretches Back Centuries
The very earliest rules for golf come from all the way back in 1744. However, today a new set of rules is put out on a regular basis, to give players a good guide of how the game is played. The rules cover a wide variety of different features of the match, but one of the overriding ideas behind the game is a respect for your fellow player and the game. These ideas are enshrined in some of the earliest rules and quotations regarding the game, and remain a firm concept that is respected by most players.
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