Create a Matrix from vectorial solutions of a Solver and singular value decomposition

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Hi all,
I'm Valerio and I'm using FEniCS  fenics/2016.1.0 in C++.
For now I have a Solver that returns to me, as solution, a vector field u. The vector field u is an object of the class Function. This solver has a parameter and my aim is to calculate several solution u varying this parameter. In this sceneario then I have the solutions: u1, u2, u3, ... un. I need to collect these solutions in a Matrix, each solution ux have to be the column of the Matrix, and I need to do the singular value decomposition of this Matrix. I don't know what kind of class have to be the Matrix, how to build it starting from the solution ux and what method I have to use for calculate the singular value decomposition.
Thank you for you attention. 
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