'Unable to connect to the proxy server' seems to disable the app?

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Hi there,

I wonder if someone can advise a non-techie? My brother has the Funamo Accountability app on his phone, but occasionally is seeing the below screen when he opens the funamo browser, and then it seems to have turned off the funamo app (he can access the settings etc). Is there any way to resolve this? I'm not sure what is causing it.

Thank you, A

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I have exactly the same issue. At first I thought it was the Power Saving Mode so I deactivated it. Then I activated Funamo again, and worked well for several weeks. All of a sudden Funamo was not running again!

I think this is due to the fact that there is a time lag elapsing from when I push the power button and the mobile phone connecting to the proxy. The connection to the proxy is not established and then Funamo stops working. (I am not tech savvy).

I have had this app for more 5 years and now it is not working appropriately. Please fix this issue. I have experienced this glitch in a Samsung J5 and Xperia M2. 

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Normally Funamo should automatically restart within several seconds. If your device has long bootup time and you are concerned about Funamo not enabled during that time, you may consider using Protect Safe Mode feature. You can find more information here: https://www.allanswered.com/post/49/how-is-protect-safe-mode-option-supposed-to-work/


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I am having similar issues.  I received a new software upgrade on my Samsung S7 Edge a few weeks ago.  After it finished, I had the same proxy screen issue on my Funamo browser.  Also at that time, my safe mode protection stopped working properly.  The "Master password" is the only way to login into the phone upon reboot, the "user" password never gets called up.  Like others, I've not had any issues up to this point.  My theory is that it has something to do with the new software update on my phone.  I noticed Funamo hasn't sent any app updates for a while.  Someone should be able to remedy this.  Please help!!!

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Our phone is having this same issue. It has been going on for over 6 weeks. 

Funamo is turned on, and other browsers work, after the password is entered.  We have funamo on 2 other devices, and we aren't having any issues. Except for this one phone.

We rebooted the phone this weekend, and the browser worked until today. Funamo is active and running. 

I have sent an email to support, and have not gotten an answer. It seems this started after a new software update for our carrier. 

We have a Samsung Galaxy 5.

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i have the same issues

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If you are getting this error, it means that Funamo is not running. Funamo is the proxy between the browser and the internet, doing all the filtering. If Funamo is not running, you will see this proxy error. So please check to see why Funamo is no longer running.


Hi there, my question is why is funamo not running - it seems to be turning itself off and this proxy thing is a symptom of that. I have turned it on and I know he doesn't know the password so how can it then be off? This is happening fairly regularly. Could it be a fault with the device? Thank you. 

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What's the device model and Android version?

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Hi, sorry for the delay,  it's a samsung galaxy note 3 on android 5 which is lollipop. 

Kind regards, A


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Hi Funamo Support, is there any more information you need to look into this?

Thank you, Amy 


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 Hi Funamo Support, do you have any update on this please? 

We have not seen such issue from other customers and we could not reproduce the issue with our own Note 3 device. Please send us a private email so we can debug it further with you.

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I read another user's issue. And basically it's the power saving mode. If you turn it off the browser works. 

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Hi Heather, interesting - ours disconnected from the proxy thing for the first time in ages yesterday as well - about 9pm GMT? 

I will try your other tip about power saving mode and try this.

we only have the funamo browser enabled, not the other ones however.

Kind regards, 


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I'm having this same problem!
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