File not found error in this week's Lab Excercises

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I was working on the Lab Excercises when I ran into a problem. When trying to create the dataframe using the following code, Python hands me a FileNotFoundError:
df_data = pd.read_csv(file_telephone)​

This is the error that I'm getting:

FileNotFoundError: File b'../../datasets/EDA/telephone-clean.csv' does not exist

I'm thinking it has something to do with the 'b' at the start of the directory name.
Any idea on how to fix this?

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Hi Max,

I had the same problem. It was solved when I copied the files from the EDA folder to the datasets folder of VIS. In this way, I could import the data. If this isn't the problem - this is my code to import the file:
df_tel = pd.read_csv(datadir + file_telephone)
Hopefully this helps!
Thanks, Simon! Alternatively, if you are still stuck you can write out the absolute file path to the EDA-folder. In my case that looks something like this:  
/Users/RoyKlaasseBos/Desktop/Week1/2IAB0-2017-2018-Q3-1_EDA-tutor/datasets/EDA/telephone-clean.csv (dependent on your machine + location of the EDA-folder this path may change of course)
written 5 months ago by Roy Klaasse Bos  
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