Password reset not working I'm locked out

16 months ago by

 My password didn't work so I reset the password online and clicked the link to make new password logged in here but the password is not working on my device

Even though this is the latest version

This the second time this happens today and I expect that after I log of the site it will also stop working on the site as it happened before and I will not be able to see your answer

So please contact me by email

Community: Funamo

2 Answers

16 months ago by

You are probably confused between your Funamo account which you use to login to the app and your online dashboard at, and account where you can participate in community forum discussion.

Please make sure that you can login online at into your online dashboard. Then try the exact same email/password on your device.

16 months ago by

I just tried that and still it only works on and not in the app

my internet is working and i am sure of the password i triple checked and also i have a password manager

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