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My son has been removing the battery and then during boot up time will open a blocked app.  Then he leaves the app open so that he can access it even after funamo protection turns on.  I have checked "protect safe mode" and have blocked settings.  Please advise!

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Removing battery and putting it back is the same as rebooting the phone. During bootup, there will be a short period of time before Funamo protection kicks in. But once it does, it will block the apps that it is supposed to block, even if the app was opened before the protection kicks in. Please try it yourself.

If you are still having issues, please contact us directly at and we can help check your settings.

I have observed my son do this, and also tried this myself, and even after Funamo protection comes on, he is still able to access the app if he keeps it open.  If he closes the app, Funamo will block it.  But then he just removes the battery again.  I have also emailed Funamo support but have not gotten a response yet.

written 16 months ago by Karen Seif  
I have had a similar experience.  This is definitely a flaw with Funamo. Until the phone is fully booted up, restricted apps can be accessed.
written 5 months ago by Lisa Hanagan  
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