Using FEniCS with Anaconda: list_lu_solver_methods() returns nothing

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I am using Anaconda (version 1.6.2) and have set up an environment in Python 3.6.1, where I have downloaded and installed FEniCS as a package. For an integrated development environment I am using Spyder (version 3.1.4).

I am trying to perform LU decomposition using a solver, but when I run 

sol = LUSolver('mumps')
sol.solve(A, w.vector(), b)

I get the following error:

Error: Unable to solve linear system using LU factorization.
Reason: Unknown LU method "mumps". Use list_lu_solver_methods() to list available LU methods.
Where: This error was encountered inside LUSolver.cpp.
Process: 0
DOLFIN version: 2017.1.0
Git changeset: 70e77054c0a013e3a47e7161fa01ca1b83930c26

When I then run list_lu_solver_methods() or list_krylov_solver_methods(), the programme returns nothing for these commands.

I would thus be grateful if you could provide assistance on how to add LU solvers in my installation.

I have downloaded the petsc, petsc4py, mumps and superlu packages from Anaconda, but it has not fixed the issue.

Thank you very much for your time.
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2 Answers

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This is a PETSc/conda-forge issue. I suggest chipping in at
Thank you very much for the directions. I read through the discussion, and all the referenced ones. However, I was unable to solve the problem; I could not locate a clear solution within the posts, nor was I able to assemble a solution from the posts (perhaps due to the fact that I am a novice with these applications).

If I could have a suggestion for an alternative method to obtain any LU solver working to get me going, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time.
written 13 months ago by 5B4AIP  
You can install from source. The FEniCS conda packages are constrained by conda-forge.
written 13 months ago by Garth Wells  
Thank you.
written 13 months ago by 5B4AIP  
I'm not sure if it's purely a conda issue. On current Debian unstable, list_lu_solver_methods() does return nothing in spyder. Invoked in ipython3 from the command line, the command lists the normally expected solver methods. It looks as if spyder maintains its own environment, different from the standard system environment.
written 16 days ago by Drew Parsons  
11 months ago by
Installing from source did not fix this issue for me. list_lu_solver_methods() still returns nothing. Similarly all dolfin.list_ functions return nothing. Any reason why this would be the case?
As I mentioned above, list_lu_solver_methods() returns nothing inside spyder (debian spyder, not conda).  But oddly, linear_solver_methods() does show the methods.

2018.1.0 demos do work for me from within spyder (on debian).
written 16 days ago by Drew Parsons  
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