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I have a couple of issues with Funamo Accountability:

The main issue is that funamo will not auto restart when I reboot my phone.  And when I manually start it, it is set to off even though it was on before rebooting.  I have a Google Pixel.  This obviously renders funamo useless because I can just reboot my phone to get around it.

The other problem is that once funamo is running, it does not quarantine new apps even though I have checked this setting in funamo.  Also any newly installed apps do now show up at all in the list of apps that can be protected.  Also Google Play does not show up in the list of apps that can be protected.

Please help, thank you.

Community: Funamo
This was posted 7 months ago and no one has answered. Wow I am very disappointed. I am having an issue that Funamo is not quarantining newly installed apps.
written 5 months ago by Given Masilela  
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