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I had funamo enabled on my phone but after a few days, about a week, funamo disabled itself and all apps became accessible for no reason (my phone, Samsung J5, does not have safe mode). I have now enabled funamo again but I am worried that it will disable itself again. How can I prevent this from happening again?

Is it possible that it might have been caused by the phone's "power saving mode" when the power is low?

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It is hard to tell what might be the reason that Funamo was disabled. You can try to change the power saving setting and make it less aggressive. Then keep monitoring it and see if it still happens.

Funamo recently disabled itself again. This time I noticed that it has nothing to do with Power saving. At this point I have no idea why this is happening. I also have Funamo Accountability on my phone.

This is the second time that Funamo has disabled itself and I've noticed that Funamo Safe Browser stops working (gives me a proxy error msg) everytime this happens. And both times that this has happened it was while I was using Funamo Safe Browser (this is how I discover that Funamo is disabled).

Please help!

written 22 months ago by Given Masilela 

Did you completely turned off power saving mode? Anything that you may think of might be related to it? For example, any app usage before this issue happened?

written 22 months ago by Funamo Support 
Yes, I turned off Power saving completely. I am unable to download any new apps on my phone as Google Play is blocked by Funamo.
written 22 months ago by Given Masilela 

You can remove Google Play from protected app list if you don't want to block Google Play. In older version of Funamo, this is controlled by the option called "Allow Google Play" under Account settings in Funamo app.

written 22 months ago by Funamo Support 

This is a major issue Funamo people. Please fix. I am giving one last chance to you only because you have delivered a decent app for the past 5 years.

I am very disappointed.

written 22 months ago by L 

We will need a way to reproduce the issue. We have many Samsung devices but so far we have not been able to reproduce it. There must be some app that caused it. Do you have any security, virus, memory cleaner, task killer type of apps installed?

written 22 months ago by Funamo Support 
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I  am also giving Funamo one last chance to do something about funamo disabling itself. It is happening repeatedly.


If Funamo is disabled, the security is already breached and there is no guarantee that an email can be reliably sent. For example, if Funamo is killed by the user, it cannot send email because it is not running. We used to send out emails from our server if the device has not synced for a couple of days, but that caused too many false alerts and we turned it off due to many complaints. There are many possibilities that the device does not sync with the server, for example, if there is no network connection, the device is turned off, etc.

So our best suggestion is that you keep monitoring the device history. If it has not updated for a couple of days, you may want to check if Funamo is still running. 

But most importantly is find out why Funamo is turned off and you did not provide more details. Please at least mention your device model and Android version so we can see we can reproduce it. There have been many discussion on this topic on the forum. Common causes include aggressive power saving, non-standard settings for auto-restart when rebooting the device and non-standard task killer type apps.

written 17 months ago by Funamo Support 
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I don't see this as a reason to disable a security warning. You could leave it as an option to the parent to chose if they want to be alerted when there is no activity from the client. Better safe than sorry.

Checking the logs if not updated every couple of days means that the child gets a couple of days unprotected and they know immediately because Funamo notifies them that it is disabled. So just as it issues a notification on the android status bar it can also send a notification to the server.

The phone is an Energy Neo 2 running Android 6. There is no power saving option and no non-standard settings, no killer apps. The child is not a hacker. I know about android development and I am not blaming your developers because the product exits every now and then on its own, there can be many reasons. However you have to offer a workaround, like a notification, otherwise as a security protection that goes down without warning when one is relying on it, actually it is worse than not having anything.

There are many discussions on the topic because there is no solution being offered.



We do not have this device model so we cannot try it ourselves. Android market is highly fragmented and many vendors (particularly some small vendors) use very aggressive task management to minimize the running processes to make their lower end devices more responsive. These practices are vendor specific and not standard Android. So in general, we recommend that user select one of the main-stream Android brands which have the best compatibility with standard Android.

If Funamo does not work for your specific device, we will refund your purchase. Please contact our support directly and provide your account information and purchase record.

written 17 months ago by Funamo Support 

I am not insisting on a software that works on any device for months without ever a glitch. All I am asking is that you create a notification email, optional, coming from the server if Funamo does not respond at a given time. Let the parent enter one or more times in which Funamo should respond (eg. breakfast, dinner time). If it does not respond at that time send an email. That's it.

If the problem persists and there is no solution coming from you I will request a refund.

Thanks for your offer.


written 17 months ago by George 

Hi George,


in case you know about programming, have you tried to implement a funamo watchdog e.g. with tasker? In case tasker detects funamo has crashed, it could generate a logcat excerpt  and potentially restart funamo. Just an idea ...




written 16 months ago by Hans Schligtenhorst 

Hi Hans, thanks for your reply.

I do know about programming but I don't pay for software to then go and program another tool to monitor that software. Frankly I haven't the time.

Funamo have reimbursed the money to me and I have purchased another product.



written 16 months ago by George 
16 months ago by

Hi George, tnx for your reply.

In general I am on your side. But from my point of view there are several other aspects to keep in mind like

  • reason of the issue (e.g. Android itself instead of funamo)
  • cost of the solution compared to market competitors

Ok, as you mentioned, Funamo reimbursed your costs, then at least you have a state you can deal with.


Have a nice day! KR,


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Funamo was working correcly on a Moto 3G of my son. Now with a Huawei Honor it disables continuously.

Does anyone have an idea where this come from?

There is no aggressive power saving policy. There is a cleaner, but the same that was installed on the previous phone without issues.

It is really annoying as I was happy so far with this program.



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