How do I change the device my Funamo account is linked to?

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I just got Funamo installed and working on my son's tablet and then the tablet died.  I need to transfer the account to his new one.

I've done this before by uninstalling the App on the old device but since that device died hard and won't power up, I do not have that option.

Can I just click Delete under Mange Devices at the Funamo website and then link my Funamo account to the replacement tablet?


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If you purchase the license for your old device less than 6 months ago, we can transfer the license to your new device. Simply install Funamo on the new device and set it up using the same Funamo account. Then contact us either by private email here or send directly to We will transfer the license for you.

You can delete the old (not new) device record online by using Manage Devices page.

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