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My daughter is able to use youtube far above the set limit. Is there some sort of bug that allows her to keep watching a video that is already playing when she reaches the limit?

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I would like to put a time limit for youtube usage on my son's Samsung A300. When is blacklisted, the app is not allowed to start... Is this a bug or a config problem ?
written 6 months ago by Salvijus Laucius  
Blacklist only affects loading youtube website in a browser. It should not affect opening youtube app.
written 6 months ago by Funamo Support  

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On an Android device, you can watch Youtube either through the Youtube app or Youtube website in a browser. If you only set time limit for the app, she may be able to view it in the browser. So you can add to the blacklist so the website is blocked by Funamo browser and the only way to view Youtube videos is through the app which you have time limit for.

Both Youtube and and the browser are time limited, and the box for "Allowance applies to all apps" is checked. The history is showing use of the youtube app exceeding the allotted time.

written 14 months ago by Noah Roth  

If the user login to the same Google account on Youtube, the history you see includes history from ALL devices of the same account. For example, if he/she watch a Youtube video on a computer browser while logged in as the same user, the history will show in the mobile Youtube as well. 

written 14 months ago by Funamo Support  
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