How is Protect Safe Mode option supposed to work?

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Some Android devices support Safe Mode. When a device is booted into Safe Mode, Funamo would not be able to automatically restart the protection. The Protect Safe Mode feature allows you to set a master password which Funamo uses to lock the screen if the device is booted into safe mode or during the normal boot up time before Funamo protection kicks in. After Funamo restarts the protection, it will change the lock screen password to the user password. So you should keep the master password to yourself and give the user password to the user.

If Protect Safe Mode isn't checked in funamo app does that mean it will stop functioning completely or only temporarily? it's mentioned above it can't restart 'automatically'.. how would it need to be restarted?

The cell phone defaults to safe mode, is there a preference if it's on or off? and must I have the Protect Safe Mode Checked in your app in order for your app to work while the phone is in Safe Mode? One concern I have is if there is a software update and it kicks it back into safe mode. I want to be sure this app will continue to work.

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