Workaround for offline push sync?

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When I try to push a sync to shut off access to certain apps, my daughter shuts of wifi and data sync, or shuts off the phone entirely, and the pushed sync doesn't happen. Is there a way to force the syn to happen the next time her phone has a live data connection?

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Funamo uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for push notification. If the device was offline or turned off when the message was sent, GCM will store the message and try resend it some time later. The default timeout is 4 weeks, meaning that a message will be removed from their queue if it cannot be delivered in 4 weeks.

We tested the case when a device is offline for up to a couple of hours and the message was eventually delivered after we turned on the internet connection. But it took almost an hour to get the message after the internet connection was restored. You can try it yourself. We do not have control over how frequently Google retries the delivery. 

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