How to setup Funamo on a device that supports multiple accounts and how to prevent user from bypassing Funamo using guest account?

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You can only run one copy of Funamo on a device that supports multiple accounts. The web filtering should work for all accounts because network settings are shared. The application control would only work for the account where Funamo is installed. So we would recommend that you setup the main account on your Android device as the admin account and setup a separate user account for all kids to share. You should install Funamo parental control in the kids' account. Doing so also prevents user from bypassing Funamo using a guest account (for devices running Android 5.x Lollipop or later) since a user account does not have the capability to open a guest account.

My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 just updated this morning to Lollipop 6.0.1 and now has users/guest accounts. I need to use the Owner account as it is a work tablet. Can you please update Funamo so that it runs on all accounts (including Guest)? It's not an option to use a restricted account. Thanks.
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