Loss of game progress once I installed funamo

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My 8 year old son was given a tablet for his birthday. He has played on it for several months before I decided to install FUNAMO to gain a bit more control on how much time he spends and the content. It turns out, that when I log in with the parent password everything is fine but when he plays under his username he has lost all progress on the games he was playing.


Any suggestions??? 

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Since you had to create a new login in order to enjoy the proctections of Funamo, all his game data is stored on the parent account.  You need to transfer that data over to his login.  If you are on Android, it does not have a native way to do this.  But there is a 3rd party program called Helium that will allow this functionality.  If you are on an Apple Device, Hopefully someone else will have a method to do this for you. 

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Brian is correct. The game data is associated with the account. Transferring game data from one account to another is quite difficult to do. There are apps, such as Helium as Brian suggested (or another app called DataSync, but it requires rooting your device). Another idea is to convert the old account for you kid to use if the game data is really important to him. Just be careful that you don't have credit card or other important information associated with the account.

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